Review by Camie Gitari


Since you guys were so into BEING MARYJANE, I decided to ensure you watch only what you love.

This a story about 4 bestfriends (two of whom are sisters) and their scandalous lives, where at one point or the other, they find themselves having someone on the side or being that someone on the side.
Savi (Alyssa Milano), a successful career woman working toward the next phase in her life, both professional and personal; simultaneously bucking for partner at her law firm while she and her husband Harry (Brett Tucker) are trying to start a family of their own. Savi’s free-spirited baby sister, Josselyn (Jes Macallan) couldn’t be more different – living single, serial dating and partying – and regularly leaning on her big sister along the way. Their mutual best friend, April (Rochelle Aytes), a recent widow and mother of one, is rebuilding her life after tragedy and learning to move forward – with the support and guidance of her closest girlfriends. And friend Karen (Yunjin Kim), a successful therapist with her own practice, reconnects with the girls after her involvement in a complicated relationship with a patient goes far too deep.
The unexpected ending to episodes will most definitely keep you glued to your screen. Please, for your own sake, get the complete copies. Have fun,and like if you loved the series.

Season 1 and 2 Complete with 13 episodes Each.
Season 3 will however be renewed in June 2015.


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