Hype Songs


Hype: Everybody needs to get hyped once in a while. There are days when all you need is a great song that will get you moving, get you motivated.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

Here are 10 East African (well…mostly Kenyan) songs to get you hyped.

  1. Habida – Superwoman

Just as the title of the song suggests, it will get you into a ‘conquer the world’ mood. With its catchy beat and uplifting lyrics, it is just the kind of song you need.

  1. Octopizzo – Black star

Straight from the chorus, it is clear that the song is telling the listener to believe in themselves.

“Forever you will be, a shining star…

You will always be, a black star…”

Go forth black star and rule the world.

  1. Khaligraph Jones – Yego

This song is about Julius Yego, the Kenyan javelin thrower who broke the African record twice and Kenya’s national record four times. Seeing as the song is based on a champion, it shouldn’t be hard to get into a winning spirit when listening to this song.

  1. Juliani – Exponential potential

The title says it all and so does the video. The video is set within the confines of a boardroom which seems appropriate given the lyrics of the song. This is just the song you need to get the energy to unleash your full potential.

  1. STL – Dreamer

Stella Mwangi (STL) uses this song to encourage all the dreamers to go out into the world and follow their dreams while recounting her own story. It will definitely get you in the mood to conquer your fears.

  1. Wangechi feat Karun – Analogue dreamer

Although on the surface the song seems to be talking about following your dreams, the more profound message is about being courageous enough to be different, to be you, in a world clogged with similarity. Just the dose of courage anyone needs to be unique.

  1. Muthoni the Drummer Queen (MDQ) – Nai ni ya who?

It was written for the city of Nairobi and what it takes to make it but the song’s message can also apply to any other city in the world. At its core, the song emphasizes the importance of getting up and doing something to change your life. The track’s awesome beat will get you hyped in seconds.

  1. Avril feat Rabbit King Kaka – Ninaweza

‘Ninaweza’ means ‘I can’ in English. The song stays away from metaphorical analogies and remains as simple as its title suggests. It is the only motivation you need. The message is clear, ‘You can.’

  1. Vanessa Mdee – Hawajui

With a colourful video, Mdee encourages her listeners to overcome any obstacles that come their way, including unfair judgement from people who have no idea who you are.

  1. Jua Kali – Baba Yao

The song begins with these words,

“Hauezi niekea chini, me ni baba yao”

“You can’t put me down, I am a champion” (English Translation)

Side Note: The Direct translation of the phrase, ‘me ni baba yao’ is ‘I am their father’ which is a sheng colloquialism used to refer to oneself as the best or a champion among colleagues.

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