2. Trinkets


Three alienated teenagers in the Portland area bond over their mandated attendance at group meetings for shoplifters. But, to its credit, “Trinkets” isn’t about the teens’ stealing habits. The story focuses on high school students who, at first glance, couldn’t be more different.

  1. Elodie has recently moved from New Mexico, where she lived with her mother. Freshly relocated to Portland, Elodie is now living with her father, his second wife, and Elodie’s young stepbrother. Elodie recently came out as liking girls but has the hardest time connecting as she blames herself for her mother’s passing.

2. Moe has an absentee criminal as a father and a mother struggling to make ends meet as a result. A brother is mentioned often but is said to have ‘went away’. Moe has a secret relationship with one of the popular boys in school for fear of being termed as one of the ‘basic barbie’ cheerleaders who only date such boys.

3. Tabitha, who comes from an affluent background. Her father, who’s white, is a Stanford grad who practically exudes privilege. Her mother, who’s African American, is glamorous and obsessed with being a social media influencer. She does not want to be popular or date the popular boy as he is abusive and it slowly began feeling like it’s not worth the trouble. She then discovers that her father has an affair and right when she has worked up the guts to tell her mother, her mother seems to have known and gone along with it as long as she didn’t know.

There are so many wrong things with teenage series nowadays. I shiver whenever I imagine a poor 13-year old out in the world watching something advertising drug use, teenage sex, lesbianism, rape, and in this case thievery. I often feel like these shows should be limited to an older audience that can easily tell that these are challenges that some teenagers face and maybe they should be on the lookout.

All that said, It is an amazing series. Great storyline and strong characters. I’m loving this new generation of actors and actresses!

Seasons; 1

Episodes; 10..complete.

Ratings; 7.2/10.

Available on Netflix.

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