3. Deception


If you loved White Collar, you will definitely like this.

Superstar Las Vegas magician Cameron Black’s is half of a magicians duo, unknown to  fans. When a ‘fan’ exposes his secret,his career is ruined by the scandal. While watching the news, he realizes that the FBI has been deceived by an illusionist, and whoever it was stole one of his signature moves. Now, this magician is using his tradecraft to help the Feds apprehend some of the most elusive criminals in the world and hopes to prove his brother, Jonathan, is an innocent man.

This is the odd-est pairing i have seen so far and i guess that’s why it was/is so catchy.

I don’t want to give any spoilers for those who haven’t watched it but did you see that opening trick in episode 1??It literally blew my mind. At that very moment, i knew i loved Cameron…right before they revealed the secret and spoil everything*eye roll*

Anyway,the series is amazing because of all the tricks he comes up with to solve crimes. In some episodes the tricks are better than others. You subconsciously compare the tricks to the very first one and often get disappointed. So, don’t do it!!just take it as it is.The ‘twin’ play is not as strong as i hoped, you often find mishaps but other than that,it is perfection.

Seasons; 1

Episodes; 13 – Complete

Status; Cancelled.. Won’t be renewed.


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