5 Reasons Kenyans Don’t Watch Local Content

Reasons local content

By Sheena M

Shows like “Changing Times”, “Shuga” and “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” have really shaped today’s Kenyan TV into something we can all enjoy.

Nevertheless, you’re more likely to find a bunch of young Kenyans discussing Jon Snow and Cookie than Kaleyke and Papa Shirandula. Kenyan TV and film has come a long way in the recent past but its popularity still hasn’t peaked. Here are a few reasons this could be so:

1. No Online Access


Nearly everyone gets their movies and series fix online, whether it’s via torrents, YouTube or the most – recent addition to Kenya’s online family: Netflix. Most Kenyan series are either impossible to find in full seasons online or not there at all. The only ones I know of that have all their existing season online and manage to keep them up to date are: “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” and “The XYZ Show”.

2. Lacking in Storyline

Like I said earlier, the Kenyan TV and film industry has made great strides. Sadly, there are still some shows out there that have storylines full of clichés, gaping holes and unexplained results. How does that person end up crippled from a minor fall?

3. Badly Acted

Dear person on my screen, I don’t want to be reminded that this is not really you. I want to forget that your life is created, that every move you make has been scripted. Make me believe!

4. Avoidable Production Blunders


This may be more obvious to me because I studied a lot of media theory, but I think I would be insulting the public’s intelligence if I said other people don’t see it too. That shadow from a light box on the character’s office wall. Those brief moments when you miss what the male lead said because of a faulty mic. All those little things bring down the quality of an otherwise well – produced show. And make it that much more difficult to watch.

5. Content To Relate To

Some of the most successful Kenyan TV shows are those like “Vioja Makhamani” and “Papa Shirandula”. I understand that they are more relatable because they depict your average Kenyan setting. But if we want the newer generations to enjoy and relate to Kenyan TV, we need more shows like “Shuga” and “Changing Times”.

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