Every woman should watch this movie.We have all gone through this at one point or another in our lives. It might not have lasted a fraction as long as Taraji’s had but we have all been there, felt it and almost killed a n***. A lot of wounds were opened up for me and i remember even having a bunch of male friends discuss the movie and almost killing them in the process.

I mean, i get it, she had the worst time to ask for the divorce and trusting her sisters over her man but he had cheated with the same woman before and had been promising the same sh** for 17 years!!17 whole years..every woman has a breaking point, hers just came at the wrong time.

He owed her 1.2 million but paid her 10 million, bought her a car and got her house back which he didn’t have to. I get that too, and yes, it was generous..if you had been together for 3 years but 10 million for 17 years of working 2 jobs to feed you, pay the bills, hear your frustrations, bear the frustrations,no kids, alienation from family and friends not forgetting the kind of physical and emotional drainage that overtakes a woman from being/feeling less and less attractive as the years go. How do you quantify that?? One guy said the extra 7 million should cover it and i swear to God i will throw a shoe at you when i see you next.

He went ahead to marry the woman he cheated on her with, years before and give her everything that he had promised her to this woman. So, on this, we were all in agreement that he was wrong. I felt like the movie took a wrong turn here as well but i guess they needed to bring the monster that laid in Taraji to life. I hoped he would go back to his ex wife and give her the option of taking him back. I know he asked her if she was sure before they divorced but he should’ve asked her again and again. why? that woman asked herself why she was putting up with him every day they were together, she deserved one more ask.

She dies in the end. Really Tyler Perry??!!Really??!! So now he wins???!!! I’m never watching his produced movies again. I am still mad.Guess that’s why it got a 5.4 rating.Its worth the watch despite it.

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