ANCIENT APOCALYPSE is a reality series that questions what we know and believe about ancient civilizations. Author Graham Hancock travels around the world investigating archaeological sites that suggest that advanced civilizations may have lived on Earth thousands of years earlier than what mainstream scholars assert. From examining prehistoric pyramids in Mexico and the megalithic temples of Malta, to reinterpreting traditional stories about what ended certain people’s time on Earth, Hancock challenges the assumptions that characterize prehistoric humans as primitive beings who eventually evolved. Extract from talk shows and podcasts featuring the author defending his positions are featured in some episodes.

The speculative series offers a platform for challenging what we consider to be the history of world civilization. Author Graham Hancock, a former journalist, doesn’t characterize himself as an archaeologist, but argues that scientists should be open to different ideas about prehistoric civilizations, even if they may initially seem far-fetched. But aside from the show’s impressive visuals, Ancient Apocalypse doesn’t go beyond offering suggestions and pseudo-scientific guesses. As a result, it’s more entertaining than educational.

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