Assassins Creed movie gives a fresh take on virtual reality

Assassins Creed (2016) Review

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
Assassins Creed is a dramatic science fiction action movie based on the Xbox 360 Video game going by the same name starring Micahel Fassbender as Cal Lync, who discovers his blood and history will decide the fate of the world.

In history, the first assassins were from a secret sect called the Nizari Ismailis were the first killers who wrecked havoc on their opposition through surgical strikes and asymmetric warfare. Nowadays any trained killer is called an assassin. The disconnect between the first assassins and modern day assassins is one word: training.

Apparently the original assassins were all born of one bloodline, with a line of assassins generation after generation, the basis of which Assassins Creed is based on. In this case, they are defenders of the apple from the garden of eve, which contains the secret to free will – a treasure they are sworn to defend with their lives even if it means taking lives.

Such a theme wants viewers to root for a killer. I could not hide my disbelief that on screen killing was being justified just because of what it prevents to happen – more killing. This disbelief is deliberately stoked at the start of the movie where we see Cal on death row, in his final day alive, being killed by lethal injection after being found guilty for the murder of someone. And that is how the movie starts!

Somehow the whole story twists around around the issue of killing and being killed, as if arguing the case that it was okay to kill. What the movie makers fail to understand is that the viewers would probably root for good guy discovering killer instincts and reigning them in, instead of a remorse killer…so in this case, do you think the assassin is a good guy?

Hmm…ethical issues aside, there are absolutely magnificent scenes in this movie that make you wonder.

  1. The machine which transforms Cal into his past and make relieve the events in real time…is this the future of Virtual reality?
  2. The visions Cal gets in his room of the old assassin – who he trains with in the past….Is this the team viewer – remote control software – of the future?
  3. The come to reality between the visions and the past – communication between years…is this the Skype of the future?

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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