Bad Boys for Life
Bad Boys for Life

No other movie has been No 1 at the Box Office like the way Bad Boys for Life has in 2020. Thanks mostly to the real life pandemic, there hasn’t been another bigger block buster than the Bad Boys.

2020 Box office - Bad Boys for Life
2020 Box office – Bad Boys for Life

Not that the movie was all that great. Will Smith is undeniable in his comedic-action role as a ‘bad boy’ copy with a match up of the now ‘a bit overweight’ Martin Lawrence, whose jokes mostly fall flat…something just not funny about serious looking eyes telling a joke…or that is just me?

Something interesting to note: biggest movie movie of 2020 stars two African American stars for 6 months. I think that’s an understated big deal! Happy Juneteenth to all Americans and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads….if ever there was a cool movie for Father’s day, Bad Boys For Life is the movie.

Will Smith does a tear inducing masterpiece of a movie in Collateral Beauty.

Good things going for the movie is the brilliant outdoorsy cinematography that makes you want to go to the beach. The cars and motor bikes with sparkling night life makes up for nice scenes coupled with action and intrigue when one bad boy gets shot…the suspense is intense…the comic scenes a relief…the real bad boys in the movie start very well but end up as not that great of a ‘bad boy’ in the end.

Watch for fun! Enjoy.

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