Female lead roles require twice the strength and half the sexual appeal to be anything close to competitive. Given this show’s title is three quarters’ a man’s action sequence movie, it requires a Nikita or better yet, Anna.   I am so disappointed I want to cry😒😢😭. You people should pay me for the crap my eyes have to go through to give a review.
In episode one we pick up from Elseworlds’ depiction of Batman’s disappearance for over three years. The crime rate is at an all-time high in Gotham and a security firm known as The Crows struggles to pick up from where Batman left.

Kate (Ruby Rose)appears to be a genderqueer(not sure I said this right)lesbian struggling to find a place in the world (aren’t we all???).  She is out somewhere very cold training (typical CW) to be a part of her father’s company (The Crows). Why she needs to be under the ice to train is beyond me. She receives a call(in the middle of nowhere!!) and as it turns out her ex-lover has been kidnapped. She comes back home and while tracking her down, finds out bruce, who is conveniently her cousin, is/was batman and even asks a nerdy black guy to adjust his suit to fit her..let’s pause for a second…why do you need a suit to save someone? it can’t wait? aren’t you wasting precious time? the first 48 hours are crucial Kate, Very crucial… She then suits up, finds her ex in the Knick of time and saves her, only to find out that the kidnapper is her assumed dead sister.

A little back story; her mother, sister and her were driving from school, a bus hit them and they almost fell off the bridge. Batman shows up, jets out 2 strong enough anchors to enable them to get out of the car while he rushes to rescue the kids on the bus that hit them. Kate Manages to get out of the car but the anchors do not hold long enough for her sister and mother to get out and they tip over the bridge and are washed away by the river..very sad😌😔😔. I see you Greg!i see you putting a twist to Elena’s backstory!

Anyway,sorry for any spoilers. You are more than welcome to watch this..personally, Nikita set a very high bar for female action lead actresses…Damn you, Maggie😡!!

Episodes; 1 so far
Ratings; 3.5/10…i cannot argue with that.

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