Black Site(2022)

Black Site
Black Site

BLACK SITE(2022) focuses on Abby (Michelle Monaghan), a CIA officer who has endured hardship and is set on finding the person who ruined her family, a man who goes by the name Hatchet (Jason Clarke). Before Abby can interrogate him, he unleashes a killing spree within the covert prison to which she tracked him. Abby must now focus on survival in order to learn the truth behind her family’s deaths.

Black Site is far from perfect, but it hits all the standard beats of a military-centric action film. Interestingly enough, it also hits the same beats as horror-action films like Alien and Predator, in which characters are stuck in a room or other closed environment with a killer. Abby even wears a white tank top, evoking Ripley in the Alien franchise. And Hatchet feels a lot like an animal let loose in a bunker.

While the film succeeds in its action elements, it fails when it comes to portraying characters of colour. Every character of colour is treated as fodder and killed off, some very early in the film after only minutes of dialogue. Also, even though the film seems like it wants to be a feminist take on the action thriller, Monaghan is the only woman who makes it to the end of the film, while all of the other women (non-White ones, to be exact) are killed. But that big caveat aside, Black Site isn’t a terrible way to spend an hour and a half.


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