Daddy’s Home Review

Review by James Maina

Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home

Daddy’s Home is a wanna-be-comedy – not even funny enough to be called a comedy!

This movie is a load of crap. Seriously. Daddy’s home is a very simple story about a step-dad (Will Ferrell) who is too nice for life, and entertains his wife’s ex to come visit, with the weird logic that such a visit is necessary for the kids to relate to their natural dad.

Turns out the real dad is a stupid guy (Mark Walburg), concerned about displaying muscles and showing off all the time. The wife is weirdly okay in all this drama as things get trickier and trickier. The kids love both dads and have a great time exploiting the situation. It sounds like a fun movie but in all seriously, only kids will laugh at the jokes.

This should have been an animation.

I actually presume the moments which are funny in this movie are the ones not meant to be funny. Other than than, the tag lines suck, the soundtrack sucks and Mark Walburg sucks in this movie.

Is Mark Walkburg going to be the next Adam Sandler? 99% chance he is.

Don’t waste your time with this movie.


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