Empire – returns in 9 days


Empire will be returning from its 3-month hiatus on March 31st.


By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka

Yes, just nine days to go! Before we know it, we will be embroiled in the Lyon dynasty drama all over again. In case you have forgotten why the world got hooked on Empire in the first place, here are five reminders.

  1. The music

Unlike Glee, the music on Empire is original and is produced by Timbaland and written by Jim Beanz. In an interview, Jim Beanz, Timbaland’s protégée said that Timbaland once told him that “If it sounds like something you’ve heard before, don’t do it.” So not only is the music original, it’s good.

  1. Cookie Lyon

This woman is a whole series on her own. She walks into a room and steals the show before she opens her mouth. She is also well known for saying things nobody else will say, things the fans are now calling ‘cookies’. Like the memorable ‘cookies’ she handed out before and during her Golden Globe acceptance speech. During her acceptance speech, the prompter she was reading from urged her to wrap it up, so Taraji responded by saying “Wrap it up? I’ve waited 20 years for this. You gone wait.”  That right there is a cookie. That’s why we love Cookie Lyon! #TeamCookie (Side note: Taraji P. Henson deserves her own article, to be honest.)

  1. The drama

There is always something going on in the Lyon household. If it isn’t a hostile takeover, Cookie is a causing an uproar and if it isn’t that, its Luscious’ criminal past coming to haunt them.

  1. Guest Appearances

Empire has found a way to integrate the real world with its fictional music industry, and it works like a charm. Not only are real stars making guest appearances on the show but it is working out so well within the plot of the show. Some the notable guest appearances have been from supermodel Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Courtney Love.

  1. Family above all else

The Lyons are probably not the best role models, but they are certainly the most dramatic. However, do not be fooled into believing that you stand a chance against them. No matter how many times they betray each other (and trust me they do this A LOT!), they will always fight for the Lyon standing next to them before they fight for the stranger they don’t know. They take the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’ to a whole new level.

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