Everything Will Be Fine

Review by James Maina

Everything Will Be Fine
Everything Will Be Fine

James Franco gives a soulful performance in the heart wrenching movie ‘Everything Will Be Fine’ about a man who accidentally runs over a kid while driving and suffers the full effect of the accident – inside his soul.

The major scenes in this movie are the very tragic 10 minutes. We see his strained relationship with his girlfriend stressing him out and affecting him while driving in snow leading to a tragic accident. The accident itself puzzles the hell out of the audience as he thinks he missed the shocked kid in front of his car – only to discover later on when he takes the kid home, that there was another kid hit by the car!

The cinematography in the movie is worth noting, as fresh new German director Win Wenders plays with tone and colors to reflect mode – at times he overdoes it – but when he does get it right, it looks perfect.

Thomas does need to hear the words ‘Everything will be fine’ especially after trying to take his life and ending up in hospital. I felt for him when after finally getting a girlfriend who understands him and becoming  a proud step dad with a family, his daughter almost gets caught in an freak accident at the theme park. You look at his face and you don’t see the pain – you sense it…yet his wife is trembling, visibly upset…a visible difference between someone dealing with facts and someone hiding from facts.

He finds solace in his books. His daughter forms the bright shiny spots in the movie, providing upbeat conversation and even some really good funny scenes. Lucky for Thomas too is that his books become best sellers, presumably as a result of his newfound focus from the accident. He also attempts to reach out to the mother of the unfortunate child although the visit is such an emotional disaster that they both agree never to meet again.

The sadness in this movie, combined with James Franco’s sober character and the beautiful women in his life make an almost perfect movie, with an ending that actually makes you feel that everything will be fine.

Rated 6.5 out of 10


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