Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) Review


There are a few movies, like Florence Foster Jenkins, which draw you in slowly in to their story, not clear what their true intention is, until you you reach that moment when as you were almost going asleep, you hear something that keeps your eye open. You open your eyes wondering what….then you hear it again…your eyes open up in shock…

Then you hear the singers voice…how terrible it is, how so funny it is that you can’t help but burst out laughing…people tell you shhhh….you try to hold it but then again the voice clucks! Hahahahahaha…you fall to the floor in a fit of laughter and are slowly escorted off the hall crawling away holding your ribs….you reach the hallway in a fit of laughter, laid out flat on the floor, tears of laughter streaming down your eyes!

This is a scene from the the true story movie of Florence Foster Jenkins,  played by Meryl Streep with a supporting cast of Hugh Grant as her adoring husband and Simon Helber (Big Bang Theory), who plays a pianist for Florence.

The beauty about Florence Foster Jenkins is that despite her debilitating illness, which made a surprised doctor wonder out aloud how she could she have survived 50 years instead of the expected 20,  Florence has one ambition – to be an opera singer. Her voice is awful but she has two things going for her: her inheritance which made her very rich, and her husband who actively covers up all the negativity from reaching her.

An engaging, funny, cheerful and at the very same time sad movie makes this a pleasant watch, something i would recommend, especially for the laughs.

Some serious lessons from this movie: Do what you love regardless of what people say.  And don’t laugh at people, even if they are so comical you cant keep the laughter in you….laughing at someone is the worst kind of criticism.

Which brings me to the controversial issue at the ending of the movie: a review did a terrible thing. Just like this one, but in this case it was very negative and on the very popular New York Post.  Lesson learned for me is that when you criticize someone’s work, be careful and mindful about how you go about it….lest the very person you are criticizing reads it and takes it to heart.

Florence –  Meryl Streep – deserves an Oscar and a Grammy. What the clip below and tell me if you agree…

Rated 9 out of 10


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