Get into formation and…All Hail Queen Bey

Before we talk about Formation, let’s start with a quote. An intelligent lawyer from a popular TV show once said, “If you start a fight with someone, you better make sure you knock them out.” And Beyoncé took that advice as if it was given to her directly. If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me make it clear for you, this is an ode to Beyoncé’s formation video. I say ‘ode’ because what the queen has done is not just give us another music video, no, she has gone a step further and brought us a condensed version of the brutality black America has been experiencing over the past couple of years.

Just a day before she performed at the super bowl 50, Beyoncé dropped a new song (Formation) and then quickly followed it up with a video. And America has gone crazy. I listened to the audio of this song first before I saw the video and I wasn’t impressed. Without the video, the audio is just a song directed at haters. However, if you pair that up with the video, it makes so much sense it hurts. The video is there to throw the punches that the lyrics alone can’t throw. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics are powerful, not to mention explicit but paired with the video, this song is just fire! The video is unapologetic in its portrayal of America and its racism, and it doesn’t slow down until the song ends and you are left looking at a black screen. It is both brutal and perfect!

I can keep on writing, and we can discuss the formation video until the end of days. We can also talk about the real world political drama that she has managed to put in a 4-minute video and how she has brought to light the injustice suffered by black America with those beats, but it won’t matter. Because here is the undeniable truth, when Beyoncé goes to war, she does not mess around.

So…let’s all get into formation and watch this video for the 100000000th time shall we?

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