“Ghost” by Maurice Kirya


By Sheena M

“Ghost” is the best animated music video I’ve seen done in East Africa by East Africans. In fact, if I’m not wrong, it’s the first African animated music video.

If you’ve never heard of Maurice Kirya, you’ll thank me after you read this.

The Ugandan heartthrob has been in the music industry for a while now, approximately over a decade, but the last few years have really put him on the international map. He has 3 albums under his belt, the latest being “Mwooyo” which features “Ghost”. Just last year, he was part of the artist line-up on Coke Studio Africa. He has a unique musical style which he refers to as “mwooyo” or “soul”.

The animated video “Ghost” was directed by the award-winning singer himself and X-toons Animation. It has just the right amount of spook and comedy to tell the story of a girl who got under his skin. Maurice’s dulcet tones perfectly add to the element of horror at this strange girl. “Ghost” also features a Ugandan rapper called Ruyonga.

I could go on about this video forever but I’d rather not ruin the surprise. You should definitely watch it for yourself.

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