Gods of Egypt 2016 Review

Big Screen Review by Wangui, E

Gods of Egypt
Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt centers around Horus (played by Nikola Coster) who is also the “God of Light” and Bek (who plays Brenton Thwaites). On the coronation day by his father Set (Gerald Butler), the  “God of the Desert”, shows up and decides to take over…a sibling rivalry in all its green glory. Bek then decides to team up with a defeated Horus on a quest, despite hating his guts, in an attempt to save the woman he loves from death.

Despite the movie bringing back the Egyptian mythology there are very few colored actors. Or rather they acted the slave part. (Power to the black people)

Director Alex Proyas, best known for Helming the crow and iRobot. Gods of Egypt has traces of The mummy in it. It clearly doesn’t feel fresh.

The leads of the movie are all trying their best even when some of them are so out of place. It looks like reunion of Iron man and The Power Rangers. Or rather the fact that they were larger than the humans (touché).

I didn’t hate this movie. Infact I liked it, the touch of romance and friendship gave it life.  Girls take your man to this movie and make sure he sees you staring at him when Beck goes through the trials to save his girl. Give him that deadly stare. Happy watching.

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