No. 9 Superbowl 2016 Movie Trailer: Independence Day 2


Will smith blasted through the box office and established the 4th of July as a summer blockbuster weekend for mega blockbuster films with the Independence Day 1 movie of 1996. Ever since we have seen Men in Black I and II (again Will Smith movies), Transformers Dark of the Moon and Spider man 2 all conquer this special american holiday weekend.

So why Will Smith did not make a return for the second Independence Day 2 movie? Bad choice Hollywood. Also, still his character is supposedly killed in battle and now we get to see his stepson! What!?? You don’t kill Rocky after all those years and yet you kill Will Smith’s character? Why not be confident enough to to launch on same date – i would presume history favors Independence Day. Shame on you Hollywood.

Even worse is the new starring for this movie is…you guessed it…a black dude you have never heard of. Come on Hollywood – give us a star performer!

The good thing is the special effects are simply jaw dropping amazing!!! So despite our misgivings, this June we are so looking forward to Independence Day 2.

Release Date: June 22, 2016

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