Inferno (2016) Review – Hell of a disappointing movie

Review by James Maina


Inferno is hell’s fire burning on earth itself. Dante’s inferno promises to bring hell on earth, via the use of Dante’s mask along the lines of Da Vinci Code or Angels &Demons. Promising scenes of devils on earth, the first 10 minutes indeed promise an inferno that sadly it cannot keep true to the end, making it a hell of a disappointment.

Remember the hell in Constantine? Inferno starts with Tom Hanks playing a professor who finds himself in a hospital bed feeling a bit worse for wear, but even more disturbing, he has visions of demons, fire on earth and people burning all over the world in what promises to really to a scary inferno.

Then we see the beautiful doctor Brooks (Felicity Jones) who brings him back to earth, helps him escape an assassination attempt and together they start a mission to find out what his memories are and how to save the world. Obviously things are not as they seem and the movie starts having exciting twists and turns that would keep those who like cop dramas down a chase to save the world.

The only thing that made me not like this movie is that the premise was hell…devils…inferno….and what did the movie deliver? No inferno! No demons! No fire! No hell! Absolute rubbish, and so i slept halfway through the film, bored to death…

Tom Hanks, get real and up your game in 2017.

Rated 2 out of 10 just for the first good 10 minutes

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