Into The Badlands Season One Review

Review by Kuri James

Into The Badlands
Into The Badlands
Into The Badlands is a relatively new action packed martial arts series

with a captivating story that will keep you glued to your screen, it follows the lives of an enforcer (Sunny) and a young boy (M.K) with a rather nasty secret that would upset the balance of power in the dystopian setting of feudal lords controlling different areas and resources.

In the opening introduction as narrated by the main character M.K, the people lived in fear of the darkness and chaos that ruled the land after wars waged long ago destroyed and ravaged everything, all this was until several men and women rose up and created order out of the murk, each for their own different reasons, they are the barons, with the most powerful being Quinn, where Sunny and M.K pledged allegiance. Our very own Edi Gathegi is a recurring character who plays a baron named Jacobee, (quite skillfully I might say).

Barons now offer protection to the people because the badlands are harsh and unrelenting, it’s a man eat man world, some barons   create  castes in their feudal land, the Clippers who are armies of lethally trained fighters and the Cogs, slaves who labor in the poppy fields, all this is to maintain order and bring control.

Into The Badlands is a series that won’t disappoint the die-hard martial arts fans with its bloody, gore, badass and well-choreographed fight scenes, unfortunately the show doesn’t have humor, but this will just suit viewers with a fetish for decapitation and killing, there is nothing like it on television right now other than zombie series, which makes it so appealing.

With only six episodes into season one you can grab your copy and start following up on it when it’s released, the story is with great potential for development of the characters, drama and the suspense surrounding it.

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