Kaleidoscope Review


Leo Pap leads a crew of crooks to pull off a $7 billion heist to get even with an old accomplice who betrays him 24 years before the crime. Do they succeed, or does their internal animosity get the better of them?

Kaleidoscope begins with a minute-long episode introducing the viewer to thematic colours and the odd chronology. We are told at the outset that there’s going to be a heist, and the events in each episode take place in a random order of five days, six weeks, seven years, etc., before the main crime. However, writer Eric Garcia (Matchstick Men, Repo) ensures that it all ties in nicely, though one may have to pay close attention to avoid scratching their head.

The heist planning is captivating and how they pull it off is thrilling. But Leo and Stan’s prison break scenes are inane and convenient. Stan spikes the inmates’ oatmeal with mushrooms, and Leo makes a copy of the keys using soap to imprint its make and many such silly things.

Kaleidoscope is far from the perfect heist series. It loses steam intermittently and proves to be exciting only in parts. But the high-octane action and the heist make it worth a watch.

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