A Look Into Popular East African Music Videos Then and Now


Everyone starts from somewhere. Just like these East African musicians.

By Sheena M


Country of origin: Kenya
Then: Nasinzia nikikuwaza
Uploaded in: 2007 (approximately)
Memorable line: Nasinzia nikikuwaza…kila siku ya kalenda
Flashback: When those kind of skirts were in fashion

Now: Letitgo with Nyashinski
Uploaded in: Feb 2016

Ali Kiba

Country of origin: Tanzania
Then: Usiniseme
Uploaded in: 2009 (approximately)
Memorable line: Usiniseme kama napenda kula
Flashback: Before Ali Kiba was buff. He was still cute! 😀

Now: Lupela
Uploaded in: February 2016

Sauti Sol

Country of origin: Kenya
Then: Range Rover
Uploaded in: Sep 2012
Memorable line: Everybody loves my new car
Flashback: Savara was the one with dreadlocks and Chimano had not really experimented with his hair yet

Now: Tulale Fofofo with Mi Casa
Uploaded in: April 2016


Country of origin: Kenya
Then: Chuki
Uploaded in: 2005 (I remember watching it on TV that year)
Memorable line: Kunitenganisha na mpenzi wa roho yangu na kuniacha mashakani, taabani
Flashback: Wyre was so young!

P.S.: If you can find a clearer copy, please share it with us

Now: Hotter ft Kaligraph Jones
Uploaded in: Dec 2015

Eric Wainaina

Country of origin: Kenya
Then: Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo
Uploaded in: April 2011
Memorable line: Ukitaka chai ewe ndugu, nenda Limuru
Flashback: Is that how Eric Wainaina really looked like? Also, do you remember the cast of Reddykulas?

Now: Sing Mercy (Remix)
Uploaded in: September 2014

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