New Beginnings: Episode Recap (27/05)

New Beginnings
Denise Gordon as Catherine. Courtesy: New Beginnings YouTube

Mental turmoil

If you missed last week’s episode of New Beginnings (like I did), good news. You didn’t miss much.

Lexi is in a mental institution and, as she soon found out, under a different name. It’s not clear yet who put her there. She did however try to kill herself.

In the world outside of the institution, things are not any better. It would seem that Catherine really did kill her husband. Being the cunning woman that she is, she plotted to frame Derek for the murder.

“How quick are your reflexes?” she said. Then she tossed the bloody knife at him, which he promptly caught.

Clever clever Catherine.


Randy has the implicating photos of Catherine wielding the weapon. He tried his hand at blackmail…until a bigger, badder Wolf came along. Someone’s been watching. And now they have their own threats to make.

How is that Sean hasn’t become an alcoholic? He’s always at some bar drinking. Drunk as he may be, he really knows how to throw a punch!

But the person I feel the most sorry for is Lexi. That woman is the one character who has truly been herself. In fact the only thing she’s lied about is the fact that she was paid to sleep with Derek by Catherine. Yet she’s the one who’s suffering the most for her bad choices.

New Beginnings scriptwriters, I hope you have some relief in store for Lexi.

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