New Beginnings: The Truth is Out

New Beginnings: Lexi
Lexi in her element

By Sheena M

Allan is one creepy dude. It doesn’t help that his entire demeanour screams, “Crreeepy!”

For some reason, whenever I watch “New Beginnings”, I find myself criticising it more than enjoying it. And it’s a real shame! I love the concept behind “New Beginnings”; it’s the execution that I do not like very much.

That aside, here’s a look into last week’s episode.

Sean finally found out the truth. He got his memory back (most of it) and now he remembers that he and Julia were married and had started a family with their son, Jimmy. Of course he’s now angry at the world; what did Julia expect?

New Beginnings
What Sean was feeling

Allan is one creepy dude. Sean may have been the one hiding in the bushes, playing a sort of Peeping Tom but Allan brought on the creeps just by appearing behind Sean. It doesn’t help that his entire demeanour screams, “Creepy!”

After showing up out of nowhere, Allan imparted biased advice: he told Sean to take back what was his. That is how Sean ended up picking up Jimmy from school the next day and whisking him away without Julia or Derek’s knowledge. And for a few hours, Julia, Derek and Catherine were frantic with worry, wondering what terror could have befallen their darling Jimmy. I was a little on edge myself, to be honest. Not from the fear that Sean would hurt Jimmy. Rather it was more of an anxiety at what would happen next. Jimmy was returned home safely, obviously. No one knows yet where he was all afternoon.

However, the jewel of this episode was Lexi. “We need to break up,” she said to Sean. Sean was just like, “Huh?”.
I love this woman! She’s as crazy as the village mad woman and I love it.

Catch “New Beginnings” every Friday at 8pm on KTN.

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