Past is Prologue


Past is prologue: A Lyon has indeed fallen…literally.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.
The final episode of “Empire” came to a dramatic conclusion as a Lyon fell off the roof. The death match between Anika and Rhonda culminated in a cliffhanger that left all of us wondering who exactly fell off that roof? Fuelled by the anger and conviction that Anika is the culprit who pushed her down the stairs, Rhonda did not hold back when she confronted Anika. Unfortunately, the fight took a turn for the worst as both women tried to push each other closer and closer to the edge. As the camera panned to Dre’s surprised face as he walked in on them fighting, a scream was heard as Andre shouted “No!” and the screen cut to black. We’ll have to wait until Season 3 to find out who fell off the roof.

Meanwhile, here are 8 moments from the season finale.

1. Freda Gatz in prison
In the penultimate episode of the season, Freda found out from a drunk Carol that Luscious was responsible for murdering her father. Imbued with a sense of thug justice, Freda took matters into her own hands by trying to kill Luscious at the ASA Awards. However, her plan was thwarted by Jamal who stood in front of her and as a consequence took a bullet for his father. In the finale, Luscious visited Freda in prison to request her to lend her voice to a song that would help Jamal come out of his depression and sing again.

2. Rhonda and Anika death match – Part 1
There were plenty of punches thrown in this episode, but 95% of those punches were thrown by Rhonda.

3. Anika tries/pretends to commit suicide
I use the word pretend because you can never be too sure when it comes to Boo Boo Kitty. She’s done much worse just to get attention. As she dangled on the edge of the Empire building, she claimed that the pressure she was getting from the FBI to testify against Luscious was too much. Unexpectedly, it was Cookie Lyon who managed to talk her off that ledge. (Unless Anika planned the whole thing hoping it would play out like that, in which case, “I see you Boo Boo Kitty.”)

4. Xzibit makes an appearance
Rapper Xzibit made a guest appearance in the final episode as a music producer called Leslie “Shyne” Johnson. When he wasn’t stuffing bodies in boxes at his studio, he was showing up to Hakeem’s wedding with rambunctious, scantily clad women.

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5. You’ve been served
As if Shyne’s entrance at the wedding didn’t cause enough drama, an officer of the court decided to pose as a waitress working the wedding in order to hand Anika a subpoena. Given that the FBI were looking to force her to testify, Luscious had had his security detail protect Anika 24/7. Too bad that didn’t work. Poor Kitty, she thought she was being handed a serviette.

6. Wedding from Hell
All the above drama happened at the wedding venue and culminated just as the bride was about to walk down the isle. Too bad by the time she got there she’d already been upstaged by Shyne and a fleeing court official. Of course, she decided not to go through with the wedding. Fly away little bird, fly away!

7. Plot Twist: Luscious marries Anika
In a bizarre twist of events, Luscious decided to marry Anika to prevent her from testifying against him in court. Although not everyone was on board with that plan, namely Cookie, the two got married at what was supposed to be Hakeem’s wedding.

8. Rhonda and Anika death match – part 2
The second round of the fight between Rhonda and Anika takes place immediately after Anika’s fake wedding. Who fell is still the question?

Other observations
-Turns out that Tariq the Freak is Luscious’ half brother. Didn’t see that one coming!

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