Quantico Season 2 Review

Review by James Maina

Quantico Season 2
Quantico Season 2

Ryan and Alex are back in Quantico season 2, the investigative crisis drama duo comes back with a new team working as recruits for the CIA, with a disaster that faces the same team one year later at the United Nations. Funny thing is that the terrorists are speaking Swahili!

Arguably when you tell the same story twice you need to do it better, like the way How to get Away with Murder does. Quantico improves, taking us from the FBI’s Quantico training grounds and into the very dangerous and twisted ‘The Farm’ the training ground for the CIA.

How the show does the training of being a spy feels authentic….the training is on how to follow people, lie, misinformation and real life decision during a crisis, making this approach a definite plus, indeed taking the decision making tree from a central hierarchy of the FBI to a more flat hierarchy of spies and handlers makes it a compelling series.

You will surprised that the bad guys are white guys speaking Swahili as a code language so that no one understands what they are saying – very smart. Some speak authentic, some fake, but generally the words are accurate….i especially liked the part when they are doing a sweep and the guys are like…sawa…sawa..huku sawa…clear..clear…all clear. 

The only thing i didn’t like about Quantico, is

  1. There is no Quantico location this time round! They are in a secret location called The Farm! So why call the series Quantico??
  2. The disaster at the UN is exaggerated to a point when it no longer feels like a disaster
  3. Why does the US president have to be black to be in such a mess? seriously?

Generally Quantico Season 2 is made up of a good, fast-paced 8 episodes, that are guaranteed to continuously thrill. So get some pop corn and check it out.

Rated 6.5 out of 10



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