Quantico Season 3 – The Final Season


This is the final season of our beloved Television heroine, Alex Parish(Priyanka Chopra)

This season was a switch up. Something different from the usual plotline seen earlier on season 1 and 2. Alex has settled in a small village and has finally simplified her life, or so you’ll think. Everything is normal till it literally isn’t when she is attacked at her new home and in between her identity being questioned by her new ‘family’ and running away she finds herself back in the FBI as part of an ‘off-book’ team solving international crimes. The usual crew is there and a few others are introduced along the way.

No offence but introducing the deaf Agent was a wrong move. I could tell what she was about to say or discover before she was done signing it. It might have been a diversity thing but this was not the place for it. The rest of the characters were strong, just as they have been all along. The cases were different on each episode and there was a base story-line in existence but the ending was too predictable. I could tell what was going to happen and expectations were not exceeded. I feel like they should have stuck to what they were good at despite how tired the theme might have been. Sometimes sticking to the old can earn you one more season. I am sad to see Alex go, but i am looking forward to what she does next.

Episodes; 13, Complete.

Status; Won’t be renewed.

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