Ride Along 2 – Videogames and African Kings!

Review by James Maina

Ride Along 2
Ride Along 2
Ride Along 2 is a comedy that probably some reviewers don’t get. That is probably why those critics have rated it so low and YET audiences have gone to see the movie in droves, in the US especially.

Just check the below quotes then compare to how the audience actually responded to the movie by buying tickets. It’s ridiculous. The critics are lost on this one.

Critic reviews
– Another tired, witless and potentially lucrative attempt to spin an exhausted buddy-cop template into action-comedy gold. Full review
Justin Chang – Variety
– The movie does at least add in some other characters to prop up the half-assed bantering and bickering. Full review
Jesse Hassenger – A.V. Club
– Hart and Cube are too good to settle for hawking leftovers. They deserve better. So do we.Full review
Peter Travers – Rolling Stone

The audience reaction

Box Office: ‘Ride Along 2’ Dethrones ‘Star Wars’ With $41.5M; ’13 Hours’ No. 4 – The Hollywood Reporter

As of February 7, 2016, Ride Along 2 has grossed $77.2 million in North America and $22.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $100 million, against a budget of $40 million. Box Office Mojo

Why its good

Ride Along 2 is a silly movie starting from the title to one of its stars (Kevin Hart),  and finally a silly story line I can’t even remember. Despite all this, it comes out incredibly as entertaining and just a fun movie to watch and relax. No stress worrying about characters dying, special effects, couples breaking up or bad jokes.

Expectations are low: we are going to just Ride Along again!

Ice cube does perform very well and comes across as the senior detective involved in a case that develops by the minute. A.J the hacker involved in the thick of things, is actually a very genuine guy despite his criminal involvement. The audience somehow roots for him. It was funny when he was caught and bravely gave the excuse as to why he ran from the cops.

Ice Cube: So why did you run?

AJ: Coz you guys are black! and chasing me!

That was funny. A.J also does a magnificent comic teamwork of sorts with Kevin Hart, a detective whose wife is Ice Cube’s on screen sister. Since he is out to prove that he can be his own man to his soon to be “Brother in Law” Ice Cube, he goes to extreme comic lengths to get the job done.

We love video games especially the moment a car chase starts and we see Kevin Hart inside Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) . It somehow feels awesomely done. That was a unique piece of silly yet human cinematography.

Secondly, the romance is set in advance for this movie, so there are no silly romantic lines. Rather, the beef Kevin Hart has with his wedding organizer is hilarious but also has a pinch of salt of truth about the conflict between what couples want for their wedding and the actual advice they get from the so called ‘wedding experts’.

The Part That’s Great

The most awesome part of this movie made me crack my ribs into tiny painful funny bones was when Kevin Hart pretended to be an African King in order to get into a party with his “servants”. Only Eddy Murphy has previously pulled off such a stunt successfully in Coming To America.

Here is the clip that is just worth your movie ticket. Are we Africans really this stupid? Talk about traditional signs of respect!!!


Oh, and finally in the youtube clip below:

Kevin Hart: OOH My God, he a Zombie! (He almost shoots the innocent guy again!)

Rated 8.5 out of 10


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