Sausage Party (2016) Review – A Sausage Revolution

Review by James Maina

Sausage Party
Sausage Party

The next time you take a sausage, as you put on it ketchup and slide it inside a nice warm bun, picture the sausage, ketchup and bun and crew being very much alive, with legs and all, screaming for dear life, especially when the sausage discovers its assumed destiny which was to be inside the bun, now included being eaten alive!

In this first of a kind adult only animation directed by Seth Rogen, we expect only the worst kind of comedy give Seth’s past comedy wanna be movies. Indeed the movie starts with a supermarket full of items which are indeed alive. Their one goal? To be chosen by humans to go to what looks like heaven to them – the great beyond.

When a sausage bunch gets chosen – they get ecstatic! yipee! Ketchup is also happy when picked up and put on the tray. Buns are matched to sausages according to their beliefs, and they are happy when chosen together with sausages – especially those they liked before when they were on the shelf.

There is a heavy sex theme in the entire movie…obviously sausages are compared to….and buns, whose dream is to have sausages inside them, are similar to….not forgetting the chapatis and the whip cream.

What unfolds somehow , like an accident, is actually a very smart and likable movie, with thought provoking themes on religion and atheism – what if your beliefs turned out to be false? Incredibly also social norms are illustrated very well, with a sausage whose head looks different from others sausage heads and he gets all sorts of comments and discrimination from the other sausages – plus buns.

The story picks up pace and becomes an adventure, picking up pace when a guy (James Franco) takes some drugs and actually see’s the sausages talking…leading to what can only be described as a sausage revolution.

A mixture of fun, action and adventure, with “tasty” sex themes and even some horror scenes combined with dramatic over the top dramatization of real life reality.

A must watch film for adults but –  i repeat – not suitable for anyone under 21.

Rated “tasty” and “original” 8 out of 10



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