Slow Horses


Slow Horses’ is a witty spy thriller that revolves around a team of MI5 agents who have now become dysfunctional. The team is led by Jackson Lamb, a grumpy spy himself.

Slow Horses’ is a pun on Slough House, the building that houses dysfunctional MI5 agents or those agents who have either been demoted or who failed to perform their duties. The entire bunch is led by Jackson Lamb, a gruff and grumpy spy himself. The series moves forward with the perspective of River Cartwright who comes across as something sinister and starts his own investigation from Slough House. But the prevalent mood at the office acts as a bummer for the MI5 agent who is determined to re-join the main HQ by proving himself as a man of substance. The biggest stumbling block is his own boss, Jackson Lamb who does absolutely nothing and whiles away his time drinking, farting, and belittling his subordinates.

This espionage thriller will also give you a taste of dry and sarcastic British humour. There are plenty of such moments in the series. The platform has made available only two episodes, but it’s apparent that in subsequent episodes, viewers will get many opportunities to laugh and immerse themselves in an engaging thriller. This star-studded drama is extremely British in nature and there is every possibility that it might not appeal to all. It also has an undertone of nationalists and Tory politicians. These things will compel you to watch the thrilling drama with some concentration. But once you overcome these hurdles, be prepared for a joyride.

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