Strange Magic animation movie is really good

Review by James Maina


The onset of love feels like….strange magic

You really need an open mind to watch this movie. Don’t see the trailer, just get the movie, minimize interruptions, get some popcorn and gather everyone around for this family & kid friendly movie. If your mind is still wondering what the fuss is all about, then you must be similar to the Bob King in this movie.

The story is about insects and creatures in the wild, animated to have personality and voices, with two contrasting kingdoms: The bright colorful butterfly kingdom and the dim dark ugly Dark Forest. Obviously the beautiful creatures are in the Colorful Kingdom and the ugly creatures are in the Dark Forest, or so it seems, until the characters start unraveling.

One by one we see a good nature of a rabbit from the Dark side, an ugly elf from the Colorful side, and a story based on a subject that nowadays is taken for granted in movies:


The whole movie is about love: and not the funny mushy bit, but more:

The discovery of real love

Without spoiling the movie for you, there is something innately inspiring seeing someone who hates the very feeling – the very sight – of love, fall, ever so slowly in love.

Don’t you hate it when someone sings a Mariah Carey song in Karaoke? You know the song by now? I almost fell off my sit laughing! That scene was funny as hell.

This movie is fun, has a great subject matter, looks awesomely great, and guess what? It has the best end credit scene ever…and if you didn’t like that one…another post credit scene! insanely amazing.

The critics hated it, people didn’t like it so it was a box office disaster, but me…well…

I loved it!

Check out Strange Magic clip below, and feel the power of love in your life again,




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