Suicide Squad is awesome

Review by James Maina

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

This year’s science fiction action movie is the instantly likeable Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith and a host of other bad guys who are jailed and turn out, in an american sense, to be the saviours for humanity.

Have you played Mass Effect 3? Remember the scary witch who killed you every time? She would appear..kill you..disappear off laughing…she was one mean…cough cough! I couldn’t help directly correlating the bad-ass witch in suicide squad with the mass effect one. Both their powers seem exactly the same and even better it looks like suicide squad’s witch is meaner and nastier. How is Deadshot…a normal guy good with a gun…going to defeat such a villain?

Even worse, it seems Superman is dead. It also seems like Batman is jailed somewhere…or indisposed….he caught the suicide squad team but somehow at the point of disaster, he is not there. why?????? and the witch dominates the movie time more than her beautiful host…a typical hollywood blunder?

Such loose ends in the story do not make this movie any less interesting. In fact it is totally fun to watch, Will Smith totally kills it as Deadshot and guess who makes an appearance in a flash??? The special effects are totally on point, especially if you watched in on a big screen with a good sound system.

This is an atypical hollywood blockbuster movie that will keep you entertained start to finish.

Rated 8.5 out of 10

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