Review by Camie Gitari


Since Desperate Housewives ended and Devious maids season 4 is yet to start,i thought,we shouldn’t miss the amazing actress/Producer Eva Longoria (Gabby,desperate housewives).

Ana Sofia Calderon (Eva Longoria) is the star on a Latino soap opera packed full of the hot sex, shocking scandals,gut-wrenching heartbreak (as expected from any soap opera really),and yes,the spanish language which she is barely conversant with! The real drama,however, doesn’t start until the cameras stop rolling. Backstage, the actress and her family of fellow cast all battle for the spotlight,her ex-husband is introduced as her on-screen love interest,she has a brief relationship with her boss, her bestfriend’s husband(Carlos,Gabby’s hubby in desperate housewives)who was a sore looser before going to jail is released, and boy,is he anything but that…there’s never a dull moment.

Season 1 complete with 11 episodestelenovela-full

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