The Aliens


Aliens -Think ‘Colony’ then add weed.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka

“The aliens” is not exactly wholesome TV. You do not start watching this show to receive inspiration or get answers to your existential crisis. It’s not that kind of show. It takes nothing seriously. If you have watched the “Misfits”, then you know what you’re in for. If you were misguided into believing that the show would be similar to “Independence”, “V” or “Falling Skies”, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I guarantee you nobody on “Falling Skies” ever said “I don’t make mistakes, I make on purposes” and similarly nobody on “V” ever said “…we spray them to make their hair unsmokable.” Yes, it’s a comedy, but it is also a drama.

Unlike most aliens on TV, the aliens on this show look like normal human beings. The only difference is that their hair is a valuable commodity because on “the aliens”, their hair is similar to weed in the real world. So some aliens make a living by selling their hair (this includes the hair found in the nether regions). Not much of a backstory is given in the first episode, so questions such as “why did the aliens crash land?”, Or “didn’t they bring any technology with them?” are left unanswered, and I think the producers expect you, the viewer, to just go with the flow. I mean, why worry when the border police have it all under control, right? Wrong.

What we have learned from the first episode is this; aliens live behind this massive wall in a place called Troy, aliens come in all shapes and sizes, black, white, fat, thin, gay and straight. Dishwashing soap affects aliens in the same way that cocaine affects humans. Some of the aliens are involved in petty crime much like the humans, and our main character is half human but only discovered this little piece of information in the first episode. Oh, he might also be in love with an alien, who works part-time as an internet porn star. So, like I said, it is a show that doesn’t take itself seriously, so neither should you. Come for the absurd drama, stay for the ride.

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