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The Originals -Why you should be watching it

The Originals may have started as a Vampire Diaries spin-off, but it has earned the right to be considered a show worthy of the name. The Originals is more compelling than the Vampire Diaries ever was. In some ways, it does seem unfair that the spin-off is better than the show of its birth, but that was always going to happen. In the face of Shakespearean macabre, no one can win. Shakespeare trumps all and The Originals are nothing if not Shakespearean. The first season brings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah back to New Orleans to find out why witches are conspiring against them only to find out that Klaus is about to become a father. If you haven’t seen a single episode, here’s why you should start.
The Mikaelsons: This family is made up of the first vampires in History which make them compelling characters. As their given moniker suggests, they were created not sired and from them, all other vampires were born. To protect themselves against their werewolf neighbours 1000 years ago, their mother used dark magic to make them stronger than their werewolf enemies. There are seven siblings in the original family, but the show only focuses on three in the first two seasons.
Niklaus Mikaelson: The Original Hybrid
The half-brother born of an affair between their mother and an original werewolf, Klaus remains the first of his kind. He is also a dangerous neurotic murderer.

Elijah Mikaelson: The Noble Brother
Considered the kinder of the other two siblings and known for diplomacy. Where his brother Klaus will happily kill everyone who would oppose him, Elijah will form alliances to keep his family safe. However, he is just as dangerous as his brother if a fight is inevitable.

Rebekah Mikaelson: The Original Sister
She is the sole sister and Klaus’ most loyal sibling event though Klaus has betrayed her several times. However, towards the end of Season one, she makes a play against Klaus which ends in a blood bath. Among all her siblings, she is the most impulsive and is just as dangerous.

-Other Siblings: Kol – Deceased, Finn – Deceased, Henrik – Deceased and Freya – Lost (Becomes a regular in Season 3.


The Backstory: You can do a lot with a 1000 years’ worth of backstory, and the originals (show) has just scratched the surface. Season 3 introduced the viewers to the first vampires they ever turned. They became the show’s most compelling threat yet. It also introduced the story arc of how the Mikaelson family realized they could turn people into creatures like themselves.

Witches of the quarter: The originals introduced viewers to a new kind of magic, one that was stronger and dangerous. Unlike Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries) who has barely begun to understand the power of great magic, the New Orleans witches are a whole new monster. And none was creepier or scarier than Papa Tunde.

The Fight Scenes: No one quite commits murder like the members of the original family. You just have to see for yourself to understand.

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