“The Real House helps of Kawangware” is a classic Kenyan comedy with witty dialogue and a hilarious account of the lives of ordinary Kenyan house helps.

By Sheena M

America has its “Real Housewives”, Kenya has its “Real House helps”.
This look at the day-to-day lives of Kenyan house helps who live in Kawangware is one of the best sources of comic relief on Kenyan TV. If you don’t understand Kiswahili or Sheng, then “The Real House helps of Kawangware” (#TRHK) may be difficult to follow. On the other hand, it’s a great way to keep you updated with the latest Sheng terminologies.

After being on air for nearly two years, TRHK has unsurprisingly grown in popularity. Even Lupita Nyong’o described it as her “guilty pleasure”. The 4 key characters, Kaleyke, Awiti, Truphena and Njambi, keep audiences riveted with their quick tongues and dramatic escapades. Take this week’s episode for example.

Episode 98

I cannot believe that Truphena seriously did not think that she was pregnant. Even after all those times Kaleyke had told her to stop denying her pregnancy, she didn’t think there could be some truth in Kaleyke’s words? Now Turu and Michi have a baby to think about. And it looked like neither of them knew how they were going to manage that.
That MCA woman is quite the villain, isn’t she? Of course she decides that she’s going to get back at Njambi for hitting on “her man”.
We can’t go without mentioning Njuguna’s great one-lines. Remember when he said, “God bless you. Sasa toka, travel with the Lord”?

One of the great things about TRHK is that you can watch it on YouTube. This makes it convenient for anyone who misses an episode or is living in the diaspora to stay up – to – date. It is authentically Kenyan and well-acted; definitely a show that you should give a try.

Catch TRHK every Wednesday on KTN at 7:30pm with repeat episodes on Sunday 4:10pm.

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