The Whispers: Episode 2 review

The game of Hide and Seek

Review by Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka

The Whispers Episode 2
The Whispers Episode 2

You like me, may have been hoping that episode 2 of the Whispers would bring significant answers. You may have been hoping that every adult in this series would have figured out by now that Drill is not human and that he is turning their children into little monsters. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but no such thing happened.

*Whispering* SPOILERS ahead.

So what happened in episode 2 of the whispers? Well, for one Claire continued with her investigation with a little more knowledge, she had a discussion with her ex-lover Wes, creepy pilot guy got another tattoo and did a lot of breaking and entering and basically graffiti’d the doctor’s bathroom floor while Drill found a new friend. Episode 2 also gave us a few insights, like how Wes is still very much in love with Claire. Wasn’t she supposed to be a workplace fling?

Here’s what happened

Drill – the invisible bully

Our dear Harper is beginning to realize that her mother might be dying and that is quite heart-breaking. As she watches her mother’s immobile body, she calls out to her friend Drill and asks him (or it) to help her and he does in a teaser sort of way. Her eyes flutter just enough to give little Harper hope but keeping true to his manipulative nature, he lets Harper know that if she wants to see mommy dearest again, she is going to have to do more. What a creep! And so Harper (bless her soul) listens to Drill’s next instructions.

But Drill hasn’t quite finished his rounds yet. He pays a visit to the Bennigan home, just as Claire’s son is about to tell his mom about his new friend who gave him back his hearing. Using the lights and a doorbell as a distraction he makes a point of reminding Henry that he shouldn’t be blabbering about his new hearing. Later on in the episode he is almost found out by his grandmother and he has to apologize to Drill for almost getting caught.

But this week’s winner in the category of cult recruiter is Minx (God I cannot believe that’s still her name). As she played a board game with her friend, she happens to convince her to take a flash drive and print out the secret government documents contained on there. Reward, you ask? Minx promises her friend that she will be rewarded with magic. Like all cult recruitments, they never end well and neither does this one because…

The FBI turns up at the Lawrence house hold

Due to Minxs’ unauthorised access of her father’s government files, the FBI turn up at their residence to investigate the breech. This culminates in a heated argument between Wes and his wife Lena which involves Wes accusing her of doing the deed before Minx walks in and confesses.  Draama!

However that is not all that happened at the Lawrence household. Wes gets into an argument with his former boss about -Guess who? – yeah you guessed it Claire. His ex-boss isn’t a fan because he thinks that Wes took advantage of Claire. Things get messier when Wes says that what he and Claire had was…and then he chokes. We’re sensing that their relationship was more than a fling. Poor Lena!

Sean Bennigan formerly known as Creepy pilot

Wes finally finds out from Secretary Frommers that Sean’s mission was to conduct a new weapons test but he went off the grid before he could actually conduct any official test. The question then remains is he alive? Of course we know he is and so does Wes but they need proof which he finds in the form of satellite footage of someone or something leaving the wreckage after the plane crashed.

Meanwhile, Sean has finished getting rid of all the information he had collected on this Drill saga and he is headed to Dr Benavidez (we shall call her Dr B) house to take a shower? I do not know much about breaking and entering but if I ever do it, I am definitely not going to take a shower. I’m just saying. Anyway while Sean is taking a shower, he gets another vision and faints in the shower. When he wakes up he takes a marker and draws a symbol on the good doctor’s bathroom floor. By the time Claire gets to the doctor’s house, Sean has jumped out of the window, leaving Claire to stare at his artwork.

Minx leaves the house with Drill

While all that is happening, Drill convinces Minx to leave her house in the middle of the night to go to the playground. There they proceed to talk about the next game which involves a maze. When she pulls out the blueprints we get a glimpse of the symbol that Sean had drawn on the bathroom floor.

It’s not on the bathroom floor anymore because Sean managed to get it tattooed onto his arm (at what point, we don’t know) before he hides in Dr. B’s car and kidnaps her. He needs help with something and she’s it.

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