Top 10 Car Chase Scenes of All Time

Top 10 Car Chase Scenes
Top 10 Car Chase Scenes

An epic battle between two massive armies. An onscreen kiss about to happen. A murder mystery where the suspect is almost caught and we all know who he is…yet, there is something special about a car chase that makes them almost a standard appearing in every movie, and the best ones are truly memorable moments.

Here are the top 10 car scenes of all time according to us. Did we miss one?

No. 10: Black Panther

No. 9: Star Trek Into the Darkness

No. 8: Ride Along 2

No. 7: The Matrix

No. 6: Wanted

No. 5: Terminator Genisys (2015) – Golden Gate Chase Scene

No. 4: Dark Knight Rises

No.3 Transformers Dark of the moon

No. 2: Fast and Furious 8

No. 1: Spectre

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