Top 10 Great Animation Movies To Watch This Weekend

Review by Kuri James

10. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

Berserk is a Japanese action and dark fantasy animation, following the trials and tribulations of our badass hero (he is the most overpowered anime character that uses his own strength and sheer will power), his name Guts is very fitting. The story follows Guts who proves himself beyond any reasonable doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with, no one would want this beast as an enemy. The story also gets interesting when demons start appearing, his best friend Griffith (rather than die opts to accept to become a demon) betrays him, rapes his girlfriend with Guts watching and in the process trying to save her, loses his arm and eye. When the ordeal ends, he is “marked” now hordes of demons torment and pursue him. His resolve just got harder because of all the pain welled up in him make him so dangerous and brutal.

The Golden Age Arc is in 3 part or arcs.  You will enjoy its time length and how the story unfolds. This in an adult animation that kids shouldn’t watch, there is no humor at all just maiming and death, as Guts decimates anyone who stands in his way.


Let me start explaining the epicness of this film, with a production budget of 180 million USD you realize just how meticulously this animated film will be, no detail is spared and for the great effort put into it, the film achieves a box office of 521 million USD.
Wall E is a lone robot on earth whose task is to clear the waste covered earth where he finds a great ‘surprise’ (there is life blooming as a flower on the formerly dead planet). Later in the film he meets up with another robot named EVE and strangely they get attracted to each other and fall in love. The film is set in a dystopia where humans have abandoned their dying mother planet and are living on a large space ship that looks like a cruise ship with all the luxuries and robots attending to every one of their needs. Their offspring even seem mass produced and taken care by robots as well. As a result of all that pampering humanity has become bureee kabisaaa, they are all obese and due to zero gravity none of them can walk (let’s wait and see how the impact of the popular hover board will be in our own reality).
You won’t want to get distracted even one bit while watching this film, though not suspenseful you will certainly need to know how it all plays out and how everything will fall in place, (surely? Robots in love?)

8. The Simpsons Movie
Simpsons Movie
Simpsons Movie

‘Duuh’ Homer Simpson why you got to mess things up all the time?
The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 American animated adventure comedy film based on the Fox television series The Simpsons. Homer Simpson am pretty sure fell from a high tree and knocked the brains out his head, his judgement and reason, hehehe, is poor than a baby’s. In this film he brings doom to Springfield, when he irresponsibly bumps hazardous chemicals in the lake because he couldn’t miss out on free donuts (really niqqa? Really???).
The government is forced to cordon off and isolate Springfield from the rest of the country. Remember “The Dome”, same situation in this film, but Maggie the youngest finds a way out just in the nick of time. Hehehe the townspeople are now out for blood, they want Homer dead for the shit he put them in .Homer has to prove himself now that he is not evilly stupid and can think, also even be the hero of the town and save it from the catastrophe he caused, how will he manage that??
You are in for numerous laughs, this 87 min film will make your whole day, just be careful not to die of amusement, am being serious you might choke while in your fit of laughter.

7. The Adventures of Tintin

I had a childhood friend named Tony, am so sorry Tony, I coveted, and was the one who stole your Tintin comic book. Hahaha who can blame me. Everyone at that age was into Tintin he was my hero before I started reading the X Men.
This is a 3D motion capture (images from actual reference actions performed by real actors) computer-animated epic adventure film based on The Adventures of Tintin, the comic series. It follows our hero, the detective that knows no mystery, when his home is vandalized he must get to the bottom of the matter, his search leads him to very dangerous places and equally exhilarating adventures with his ever loyal companion, Snowy always by his side. Tintin assists to resolve an age long feud (beef) that has passed down several generations, involving the ever drunk Captain Haddock whose family ancestors are accused by a descendant of Red Hackman (a pirate) of sinking a whole ship full of valuable treasures, making them lose generations worth of fortune.
Watching this film is so nostalgic I was like ‘aiyayaya aki huyu msee namkumbuka’ all the while lmao-ing due to the crazy and hilarious stunts being pulled. Any movie directed by Spielberg is a masterpiece that demands to be watched, I did and you should too.

6. The Incredibles

The Incredibles is a computer-animated superhero comedy film which follows a family of superheroes with totally awesome power and ability, the dad is almost invincible and so strong he uses a train engine to lift as dead weight, the mom is super stretchy I mean very stretchy she can even pass through sealed doors. Their son Dash, the boy is so fast the camera can’t keep up with him and it only manages to catch a blur, he uses this speed to prank his dorky teacher, (watch out for that part, I die hahaha, too comical). Violet, the daughter can become invisible and can generate force fields that she uses to protect her family. Lastly the youngest who apparently is a just an ordinary baby, without any indication of being special in any way, or is he?
What is wrong with normal humans who detest people with abilities? The Incredibles are forced to live hiding their powers because the law doesn’t allow them anymore to perform heroic acts. I laughed my heart out when Mr. Incredible was sued for breaking a man’s neck when he saved him from committing suicide.
Heroes create their own villains, it is the case in many superhero movies and such is the case in this film too, a boy who was a tech genius gets snubbed and told off because he has no power just his technology to show for. With resentment in his heart he becomes an evil villain that masterminds the killing of all the superheroes just to prove that he is the most powerful person.

5. Hoodwinked!

Another computer-animated family comedy film that effs up everything you know about the famous fairy tale “The Red Riding Hood”. Other films just distort the plot a bit or just add certain new elements to it, but this film just spoofs the tale a lot hahaha, Red is a lean mean kick ass machine who knows all the martial arts moves, try to beat that. This story is retold as an ongoing police investigation in which facts are separated from myth, the big bad wolf? That’s preposterous garbage, it was just an honest misunderstanding, he is actually a good guy that will assist in the investigation of trying to find out whoever is trying to steal Grandmas recipe who ain’t no push over either, in the film she paratroops to the ground and can equally kick ass.
The visuals in this film isn’t that great, but it doesn’t matter because that fact is greatly overshadowed by its rather innovative plot, solid script and great voice cast that that breathed life into the characters. I fell in love with hood winked and I don’t get bored re watching just for the laughs. Only attentive and sharp minds will get the jokes, kids will just love that it’s animated, and the great action sequences.

4. Rango

Rango is a 2011 computer-animated action, comedy but this time a western film telling the story of a chameleon by the name Rango who was living large and taking life easy as a human’s pet (si tunajua tu vile mzungu analea mnyama kama katoto). Things turn to worse when he accidentally falls from his owner’s car and into the cruel and unforgiving desert, he goes to a town and acts super tough trying to fit in little does he know it’s to his own detriment putting on a brave act.
Out of sheer luck he kills the hawk that has been disturbing the peace, hahaha this deed promotes him automatically from newbie to sheriff. Now a much bigger peril is boiling up and will spill over when Rattlesnake Jake comes back to town. Hehehe watch as Rango desperately tries to ‘loosen the noose on his neck’, a predicament he pushed himself into, na hicho kimbelembele chake. But what would be the moral of this film be if the lead character didn’t grow a pair of balls and defend his town from injustices since he is the authority now.
My man Johnny Depp, he voices the animated character, Rango. Although we miss his antics and crazy faces he makes as he delivers his lines, I still commend him, and have got great respect for this amazing performer. This film boasts of its outstanding and detailed visual effects coupled with an amazing soundtrack, some of the recipes for an instant classic.

3. Barnyard

AKA The Original Party Animals*literally* hahaha this is one hilarious movie that I will never forget, that follows the story of a cow named Otis that cares about nothing but fun, just like a teenager he doesn’t like any work or responsibilities. One night while parting with his friends inside the barn a bunch of marauding coyotes kill his father making him the leader to take of affairs in the farm, Now all that is left is for him to mature up and ensure that their greatest secret is never discovered (that just like humans, they are aware, they can speak and also walk on two feet). By leaps and bounds Otis is transformed gradually from his former self to a leader who can be counted on and respected, (more than I can say for some of our leaders who act like buffoons) he sees things differently, there are more to life. We witness all this in film as though we are in his shoes, that’s how much this film is engaging
Protecting this secret is the comical aspect of this film. Allow me to leave you with a dialogue of a woman and her husband, after she starts becoming paranoid when she noticed the animals acting strange.
Wife: Don’t you sit there and think that am crazy. I am medicated for chemical imbalance.
Husband: Your mind’s gone woman, where’d it go? I don’t know, it’s gone.

2. Spirited Away

This is animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by famed Studio Ghibli invites us into the life of a 10 year girl named Chichiro, who while wandering off accidentally enters the spirit world, her parents who are concerned follow her inside, only to have themselves turned into pigs, who will soon forever forget of their identities as well as any other human who stays too long desecrating the spirit world. She befriends a strange boy named Haku who explains about the situation she is in and how to go about, he even defends her from a witch who tried to kill her. The girl starts working at bath house while still looking for a way to free her parents. After she is given a new name of Sen, Haku warns her that if she ever forgets her real name all will be lost and will be forever trapped there.
One thing about this movie I must say is that at first, you will watch, enjoy the nice artistry visuals and awesome sound engineering, but the plot will seem too plain. What apparently looks like a simple story is very far from it, the philosophical values and teachings that you will learn from this film will amaze you when you get to understand it.
An example of a part I really loved is when a sinister spirit starts offering real gold nuggets to the staff at the bathhouse, everyone’s greed gets the best of them, allowing the spirit to gobble them up whole, the girl is offered the gold and with her pure heart that doesn’t seek any material things, she sees no meaning of the gold and she refuses it.
This is a fairy tale that immerses you deep into a new world full of strange beings and governed by very different rules, the film is both incredible and entrancing. After watching it you will understand why it is among the top rated animations of all time.

1. Big Hero 6

Don’t be alarmed this is not the 6th installation of the movie hahaha the name is derived from the group of talented people that a young genius forms to combat an unknown evil.
This is a 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film that follows Hiro Hamada who acquires a very precious robot named Baymax who is originally just a medical robot. Baymax was created by Tadashi, Hiro’s brother who died while trying to save his mentor from a fire. Now someone is mass producing Hiro’s microbot (am just glad it wasn’t nanobots which have become quite stale in the sci fi verse) a genius invention that he had earlier developed but was yet to realize its full potential. Someone is using it to further his own agenda.
At a facility he went to nurture his skills he meets friends who are equally talented and innovative on their own. After some major pimping Baymax has become possibly the most powerful piece of tech ever, they team up to face and stop this evil.
By my previous review you might have noticed that am a lover of sci-fi animation and Japan, now imagine my delight when the lead characters name is Hiro Hamada that is a master at robotics, this movie is just so my type it melts my heart with pleasure. Am pretty sure you will love it too.

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