Top 5 Valentines Movies To Watch

Valentine Movie To Watch
The Bounce Back - Valentine Movie To Watch

February 14 is Valentine’s day and nothing sets the mood better than candles, soft music and a collection of Top 5 Valentines Movies To Watch to choose from. It’s true. Arguably the one thing that has promoted the concept of Valetines day is the entertainment industry and so nothing sets the tone for this romantic day better than a well chosen romantic flick.

With no further ado here is my selection of top 5 movies you can watch this Valentine.

1. 50 First Dates, starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler
50 first dates is a movie about being romantic to your partner every day of your life, starting from a day just like today. Henry, a womanizer, likes to credit himself for catching the best women. But one day he meets the most beuatiful and attractive Lucy and they actually get along. The next day when they meet again, Lucy has no recollection of meeeting Henry, giving Henry the challenge of his life, how to win over someone who – due to health reasons – forgets what happens the day before, every day. A very romantic movie.

2. Music and Lyrics, by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore
PoP! Goes my Heart! Drew Barrymore stars in this classic romantic story about a musician at the end of his career, much like Michael Jackson was…or Prince…or actually a better run down version of those two guys, who looks to have one final concert of his career with another star much like Rihanna…and so he needs a lyrics writer. The writer turns out to be Drew and an unplanned romance develops between the two that can only be described as rocky love at best, lyrical at worst. A very nice family movie all can watch.

3. The Space Between Us (2017)

A young lad gets born on Mars in this romantic science fiction film full of non stop drama from start to finish. His bones cannot survive on earth due to gravity and yet he finds the love of his life on Earth. This is one of the best representations of long distance relationship issues that normally come up between two partners living worlds apart – in this case, literally. Must watch!

4. Tanu weds Manu (2011) bollywood movie
Bollywood churns out some of the most romantic movies ever, and this one was a box office hit and now a classic, a very funny story about a guy called Tanu who must figure out the ways of women and how to treat them right to finally convince Manu to marry him. A very warm well made and sincere movie perfect for Valentines day between those very close to each other.

5. The Bounce Back (2016)
An expert at relationships, Matthew Taylor meets his nemesis, a therapist called Kristin who says he is a fraud and everything he teaches about bouncing back from failed relationships is bull…they meet on a talk show and literally verbally fight. Out of all the fireworks and shock, a spark ignites between the two as we are left wondering, will it be enough to keep them together despite their different beliefs?

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