#TRHK Ep 100: The Punny One


By Sheena M

For their 100th episode, “The Real House Helps of Kawangware” decided to pull out all the puns in their book.

Who knew that if you want your return home to be epic, you should arrive carrying a shoka (axe) so that you have a shocking return? (Did you see what they did there?)
In true Kenyan fashion, people ran away without knowing why they were running. In fact, Kaleyke had even started running away until she saw that it was Awiti. Hold on. That might not just be a Kenyan habit. It’s probably survival instinct.

Awiti – Courtesy of Facebook

#TRHK has given us a new hashtag: #SBS (Single Boy Status). Michireti actually looked pretty good.

The moment Doc started revealing the secret to silencing Njuguna to Amina, I had a feeling a cookie would crumble somewhere. When will people learn not to reveal crucial information to just anyone?

Poor Njuguna. He got Ksh 35,000 at one fell swoop and triumphantly threw away his stock of plastics. He is going to regret that very, very soon. I’m torn between scolding him and feeling sorry for him.

Am I the only one who is tickled by Njuguna’s shrill screams?

Ep 100 Favourite Quotes:

• “Raundi hii yangu ni breaking and entering… Naona msichana mrembo, naiingia kwa roho yake na m-heartbreak halafu naenda” ~ Michireti
• “Don’t call me wewe, call me Shamba boy…because nowadays girls dig me” ~ Michireti
• “Yeye kwangu ni ancestor, she is dead to me” ~ Njuguna

Congratulations #TRHK on 100 episodes! If you’d like to watch it yourself, click here

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