#TRHK: Do You Remember The Time?

Njambi and Njuguna

A look into the best moments of “The Real House helps of Kawangware” season is in its 2nd week.

By Sheena M

It’s always fun to look at some of the times we laughed out loud, those when we felt for the character or shook our heads at their crazy behaviour.
Here are some of the scenes the best of the season highlights:

Truphena meets Makena’s man

Remember that time when Truphena was Makena’s house help? She wanted a pay rise and so she went to meet Mr Kadenge – Makena’s boss/sponsor. She quickly found out it was easy to blackmail someone.

Amina pays off Njuguna

When Amina was trying to clean up after her mess of a drug-dealing spree, she decided to pay Njuguna off. After all, he’s the one who was used as a guinea pig. Njuguna swore in his ‘private session’ that he would never be bribed. That all went away when Amina said “20 thousand”.

Tsipixi gets a ‘scholarship’ to South Africa

Tsipixi went to Njambi to ask for a loan for his trip to SA to study. It turned out to be an online course. He didn’t realise what that meant until Njambi spelled it out for him. C-y-b-e-r café.

Matilda vs Truphena

Matilda pulled Michi away from his ‘pape’, making the poor guy believe she was actually interested in him. Then in Turu’s brief moments as a single woman – along came Scott. The Mzungu who wanted free lodging. He had no idea who he was dealing with!

To see these scenes for yourself, watch below:

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