War Dogs 2016 (Review)

War Dogs
War Dogs

That War Dogs (2016) is a true story is in itself unbelievable. Based on a similar rise and fall story like The Wolf of Wall Street, War Dogs bends the truth a bit to make it not only more interesting but also more entertaining and fun to watch.

The Business ‘startup’ Storyline

David Packouz is a young doing doing arguably one of the one worst jobs one can have: giving massages in a massage parlour. He gets fed up after one client tries to put a fast on him and decides, what the heck, ill take all my savings and invest in a bedsheets business.

The plan was simple. He figured he would buy the sheets wholesale and sell to retirement homes. Turns out the plan was perfect except for two major setbacks: they were not needed by the would be customers and even worse, his girlfriend was pregnant.

Enter the old friend – Efraim Diverolli

Does an arms dealer tell you he is an arms dealer? No. Especially when he was your best friend in school. David has one look at Efraim and thinks: he looks confident…he must be doing well…what does he do?

He find out the truth soon enough in a very funny scene featuring some black gangsters. You must watch this part for your yourself. Totally rib cracking, but David eventually figures out that Efraim is an arms dealer, and even more intriguing, growing so fast he needs a partner he can trust.

Partnership between friends leads to frenemis

When you trust your business partner and your hearts are in a business, success is sure to follow. The new team of young boys figured out a way to scam the US goverment and made the most it, starting off from a HUGE 600,000 USD deal to a MASSIVE 100 million deal that seems unbelieavable and drives the two friends apart, until you realize it is a TRUE STORY!

If you haven’t watched War Dogs, you are missing out big time. Check out the trailer below. Give me a better true story movie in 2016 than this one in the comments below and i will buy you a free movie ticket.

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