Will 50 Shades of Black be banned in Kenya?

"Shadier Than 50 Shades of Gray"

50 Shades of Black

50 Shades of Black (2016) promises to be ‘Shadier Than Gray’. This is an outrageous comedy starring Marlon Wayans in the role of Mr. Black playing a parody of the 2015 hit movie 50 Shades of Black that was banned in Kenya because of it erotic nature essentially classified as soft porn and illegal in the country.

50 Shades of Black is based on the same premise where an inexperienced college girl meets a wealthy billionaire whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship. The Billionaire in this case of none other than comedian Marlon Wayans – pcitured below!

Fifty Shades Of Black
Fifty Shades Of Black


Kali black plays the not so innocent Hannah, and promises to show the 50 shades of hot! Her promotional photos are provocative showing another angle that may ultimately lead to this hilarious comedy being banned in Kenya, but we definately hot not.

This is 2016 and movies like these should not be banned but just labeled as Adult R-Rated and promoted as such. Banning a movie, as social research indicates, only makes it popular – the forbidden fruit logic of mankind.



Check out the trailer for 50 Shades of Black below.

And this other trailer that might get the movie banned!

We love the trailer, what do you think?

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