The Young Messiah(2016) Review

Review by James Maina

Young Messiah
Young Messiah

The Young Messiah is a movie about Jesus when he was a young seven year old boy who tries to understand life – his family, friends and God – and more importantly,  the truth about his own life.

This movie is a creative illustration of how Jesus grew up as a curious young lad in a hostile environment where the devil himself tries to tempt and even provoke the young lad, in a desperate attempt to influence Jesus.

It begins with a seven year old Jesus in Egypt who is attacked by bullies of his age. When one of the boys accidentally dies, Jesus is blamed. Jesus visits the dead boy and somehow manages to resurrect him. The people – who cannot explain what happened – suspect something else is at hand. Of course the devil is involved in the thick of things, whispering suggestions here and there.

Jesus tries to understand the “gift” that he possesses and realizes very early on that he is different from others. He appearance is that of a sweet, calm kid seeking answers. It is a novel approach to a story that’s been told a million times before—based on a novel, actually, by Anne Rice titled “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.”

Jesus and his family trek from their exile back to their homeland, meet various people along the way and try to escape the centurions sent by the flamboyantly evil king Herod (Jonathan Bailey), who’s hell-bent on killing this mysterious child.

Jesus uncle Cleopas steals the show with his character and wit. When it’s suggested among their group of travelers that they’ll have to continue hiding in caves to avoid Herod’s men, Cleopas shouts: “I hate hiding in caves!”

This is a must see movie this Sunday, check out the trailer below:

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